I'm the architect of my own destruction
My name's Richard, and I'll be a teacher in the future. I like to learn and see new things. I want to earn some new experiences on here, which is why my blog will mostly consist of random and different things.

"Haters don't like we got the spotlight." I'm a Big Bad Party Rocker. Sorry for Party Rocking!


Richard Armitage + Horses:

“As soon as you point a horse towards open land when it has been standing around all day, you can guarantee that it will want to run in that direction. So when they said ‘Action!’ and to be honest the horses understand ‘Action!’ they go whether you kick them or not and my horse bolted. It wanted to run for it’s life and I was on the back of it. Everyone was shouting at me to stop, which made me laugh because I thought I actually really do want to stop and if I had any control over this horse I would be stopping it!” - RA about his horse (BBC Robin Hood)

"She likes her long locks as well. We had a little bit of a hair thing going on." - RA on his horse (The Hobbit)


it’s a love story for the new age…

compare/contrast anakin/padme & han/leia for lyhdiamartins


"The halfling ?"

I want to caress his face too !

The Hobbit : An Unexpected Journey


I always draw Martin when someone asks for an overseer, so a sketch about a random Overseer this time


original : x 


original : x 


Hayden Christensen being a goofball in the Star Wars Episode II bloopers

(Fonte: ssophoo)

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